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Spokane Lawn Care Services

Scoop Troop Lawn Care is Spokane's premier pet friendly lawn care provider. We offer a variety of yard maintenance services including mowing, aeration, and property cleanups.
Scoop Troop Lawn Care

Lawn Care Services in Spokane, WA

Scoop Troop Lawn Care is Spokane’s go-to company for lawn mowing, aeration, yard maintenance services, and spring & fall property cleanups. 

Our company is partnered with Scoop Troop Dog Waste Removal making us the top choice in lawn care for pet owners in the region.

Scoop Troop Lawn Care Lawn mowing truck in Spokane Valley, WA
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Why Chose Scoop Troop Lawn Care?

Pet Friendly

Scoop Troop is dedicated to providing a safe experience for your pets by utilizing kennel-grade disinfectant in-between each service and taking a photo of your closed gate after each job.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your lawn service for any reason we will make it right or your money back.

Professional Service

When you hire our team you are getting a professional service that actually answers the phone, has clean branded vehicles, screened employees, and cares about their reputation.

Scoop Troop Lawn Care - Lawn Mowing Spokane Truck.
Green Grass in Spokane WA
Popular lawn care services

Yard Maintenance

If you are in need of yard maintenance and lawn mowing services Scoop Troop is the place to call. Not only do we guarantee all of our work, are pet friendly, and strive to provide 5-star quality service from the moment you call in to the second your yard is finished.

Scoop Troop’s yard maintenance service includes the following: 

Lawn Mowing – Mowing is the core service of our maintenance plans. We make sure your grass is cut to your liking every time, no exceptions.

“Weed Waking” – To ensure your grass is cut to the correct length we will use a trimmer around your entire perimeter, around trees, flower beds, sidewalks, etc. 

Yard Edging – Edging is a finishing touch that gives your yard a professional looking finish. We will edge around sidewalks, driveways, and curbs to make sure your yard is looking great!

Grass Blowing & Cleanup – Before our team leaves, we will blow all the dust and small debris back into your yard, keeping your property looking clean. 

Property Cleanup
Spring & Fall Service

Property Clean-Ups

During the fall and spring Spokane is often littered with leaves from all the beautiful trees. 

While these leaves may look good in the trees they certainty won’t help the look of your yard. 

That’s where Scoop Troop Lawn Care comes in. Our team of lawn service professionals will collect all the leave and other debris from your yard, flower beds, trails, etc. Load them up, and take them away.


Yard Maintenance

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Scoop Troop Lawn Care is Awesome! They are extreamly communiticave and even take picture of our gate once they are done mowing our yard so we know our dogs don't get out by accident!
Jessica R.
Online Review
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If you are in need of lawn care services give our team at Scoop Troop Lawn Care a call today to schedule a free estimate.